Marina Banić , MA Psychology, , Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) in Psychotherapy, Certified transactional analyst - CTA in Psychotherapy, ECP Holder - European Certificate for Psychotherapy, Representative of EATA in EAP Board / Vienna /.

Prof. Marina Hadži Pešić, Phd in Psychology, 101 Instructor, Certified Transactional Analyst, ECP Holder - European Certificate for Psychotherapy

Katarina Pfaf Krstić, MA Psychology, Certified Transactional Analyst


Guest trainers :

Isabelle Crespelle, TSTA in psychotherapy, ECP holder

Alessandra Pierini, TSTA in psychotherapy , Certified Transactional Analyst 

Ivana Slavkovic, Psychodrama trainer, ECP holder

Adila Softic, MA in Psychology, CTA

Marina Pješčić, MA Psychology, Gestalt trainer and supervisor, ECP Holder

Prof. Ljiljana Klisić, Phd in Psychology, Certified Radix Teacher,   Licensed Kelley/RADIX Trainer , ECP Holder - European Certificate for Psychotherapy

Barbara Repinc Zupančić, PTSTA , ECP Holder - European Certificate for Psychotherapy



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